Accountancy FAQs

Do I need an accountant?

As a start-up business you may have thought you weren’t big enough to warrant the use of an accountant. If you’ve come this far without one, that decision has perhaps been justified.

But now you’re up and running, the likelihood is you’ll need professional advice sooner rather than later. You may be inclined to wait for that time to arise, but there are plenty of reasons why it makes sense to talk to an accountant straight away.

Today’s accountants aren’t simply figures people.  An accountant can provide your business with not only bookkeeping and financial expertise but also a wider overall package of business advice and consultancy.  A good accountant will not only take care of your accounts but also offer advice on how to free up cash flow, make savings and raise capital for expansion.  They’ll know tax laws and legislation inside out and will be able to suggest ways that you operate more efficiently and tax savvy.

Regardless of your own ability with figures, an accountant will often find new ways to save money.  Saving money is important but employing the services of an accountant will also save you time.  Administrating accounts is a laborious and time-consuming process and the bane of most start-up business people’s lives.  But those entrepreneurs that go on to establish and grow their businesses will, invariably, bring in accountants to relieve the burden.  The reason for this is not the development of extra finances - although this helps - it’s because it frees them up to spend their time to do what they’re good at - running their business.

Working with an accountant might at first seem like an extravagance but it makes perfect business sense if it allows you to spend more time talking to new customers, exploring new avenues or training staff.  Accountants needn’t be that expensive anyway. It’s unlikely you’ll need to employ one full time.  Instead you can pay a flat fee for regular consultancy or pay-as-you-go.  Most accountancy firms offer a range of packages for businesses of differing sizes and stages. 


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